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G1 Security group Ltd  provide armed guards at high risk locations such as Banks and institutions where there is a high likely hood that any attempted robbery would be an armed attempt. We can also provide armed Close Protection Officers (body guards). G1 Security group Ltd's policy is to use only long serving guards who have proved themselves to be both trustworthy and mature enough to shoulder the responsibility of carrying a fire arm.



CCTV Surveillance System









We have high Definition Cameras Installed at Strategic condition which can cover all strategic areas of Surveillance and records all events in the in-built hard disk 24 hours a day. With Smart Technology the DVR's are able to record only when there is a change in the scene allowing for much greater length of time in storage. The DVRs make it easy to retrieve recordings of events.


Radio Alarm Services





























We provides this service, manually and automatic. Panic Attack (PA) which is manually operated, when pressed, the assistance will be provided there and then. The Automatic alarm system includes Intruder Alarm system for both indoor and outdoor. The automatic alarm system can be unleashed without human assistance, ensuring the resident or company employee’s property being monitored.









Paramedic Service


















We provide quality ambulance service on 24/7 basis, our Paramedic Coordinator who is well-trained and qualified clinician. With long-standing experience in patient management. Each ambulance has all necessary equipment such as oxygen cylinder, itubutors, recitation kit, Bp machine and is managed by qualified clinician. Currently we have one ambulance operating in dare s salaam Tanzania.


G1 security group Ltd works with our clients to plan, manage, implement and deliver security risk mitigation measures. By working together, we are able to deploy economical and efficient risk control programs that provide assurance that the actions performed are necessary and effective to reduce the overall cost of operational risk



  - Personal body guards


  - Task force unity


  - Escorting  Containers


  - Investigative department

Armed Guards