Corporate clients and financial institutions demand the very highest standards of personnel, systems and support from their security partners. Efficiency and competitive solutions that add value to their corporate aspirations are also a necessity. We provide a complete and integrated approach to security provision. We use the very latest and most innovative security technology solutions that deliver real value efficiencies and keep us at the forefront of corporate security provision.


 We understand that Security Officers representing corporate International and national companies are expected to be of the highest calibre, therefore we ensure our guards are:


Well presented with appropriate uniform

Continually trained to perform at the highest standard

Hold excellent communication skills

Excellent customer service


Industrial and Commercial

This sector is perhaps the most vulnerable. Security challenges in the Industrial and Commercial sectors are many and varied, criminal losses from theft of equipment such as IT, phones and computer systems have never been higher in an office setting. Theft of merchandise and machinery by both internal and external elements are a fact of life in the industrial sector.

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The threat of industrial espionage and company secrets are very real too, as are are losses due to health and safety practices which relate to security. To combat the many issues touched on above, G1 Security group Ltd trains its employees in the areas of access control utilising ID card and scanning systems, exception procedures, property control and fire / emergency response procedures. We know these will vary from location to location and your G1 Security group Ltd representative will be happy to provide assistance in preparing these very important and individualized procedures.


G1 Security group Ltd has experience in providing service to all types of this market sector from small office building, multi-tenanted buildings and high rise facilities. We provide protection to small factories, large industrial facilities and business parks. We provide comprehensive solutions combining security guarding, front door personnel, fire safety managers, patrol, CCTV and remote monitoring, effective & efficient security programs. At G1 Security group Ltd we provide the latest integrated security technology, well trained and vetted security officers backed by a proactive management team.